Getting ready


From drilling holes in the mast to re-fiberglassing the entire deck, it all started a few years ago when the decision was made to get Jazz ready for a trip to Mexico and hopefully around the world. In the picture below, you will see that the farthest forward point has a compartment, however, that is no longer there either. It has all been built up and fiberglassed in. On the deck now is a new Maxwell 3500 windless with 400 feet of new 3/8 HT chain beneath it.

Here are what the layers and layers and layers and layers of fiberglass look like before they are gel coated. HE is getting really close to the END of this job. Check another one off the list (almost)!!!!

                                                                                            There are new LED lights  and new items such as vents scattered around also. The arch, that was completely designed and fabricated by long time best friend Dino (the most amazing person and mechanical engineer), will be secured onto the aft with 4 solar panels for electricity.


           More pictures to come; after the arch is on Jazz!!!!