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About us

The Beginning

Russell and I met seven years ago 35,000 feet in the air and have been head over heels ever since. We actually a had long distance relationship for the first year, with each one being on the opposite sides of the United States, but after the first year Russ asked me to move to California with him and I did. Everything was great, I (Christine) was working as a hostess at a family owned restaurant called Trabocco, tutoring, substitute teaching, and teaching part time at Alameda Community College while Russ was still working for Delta Airlines. After the first two years we decided that we both wanted a warmer climate and while Russ could transfer to LAX, I had to send out resumes (about eight) all over southern California. I was hired in August of 2015 by Oxnard School District and so I had to go down to start work before the boat was ready to go, but I was very blessed because we have some extremely generous, wonderful friends in Camarillo that let me move in with them. Come to find out later, they thought I was only going to stay a few days and it ended up being almost two whole months. We are still great friends though, so I think everything worked out just fine. Russell brought the boat down in late September, where we have been docked in Channel Islands Harbor Marina ever since. I worked in the Oxnard School District for three years, and it was a great job, I really enjoyed working there, meeting all the great people, and making some new super awesome friends. During this time, while Russ was working on the boat we found out that the deck was bad (rotten) and that project was a huge, huge undertaking by my sweetheart.

It has taken quite a few years to get here and a lot of hard work (mainly on the part of Russ), but we are finally going to be on our way. The plan at this point is to leave Oxnard, Ca around the end of September 2018, go down to Wilmington to haul out for one last time, putter around on the coast of Southern California until hurricane season is over, and then make our way down the coast of Mexico (stopping where ever and when ever we want)!!!

Well, it is now September 25th, you can see that we are not ready to leave. Plans are changing, but really the nice thing is that they can change and it’s still all OK!